Graham Browne Christmas Offer

  Our winter offer this year will be on the 3 working days between Christmas and new years eve, the 27th, 28th & 29th December.  We are really excited that we are able to… Continue reading

The Victorian Slum.

As some of you know, Russell lived the life of a tailor in the 1870,s to 1900’s with his family for 3 weeks for a documentary to be aired on BBC 2. There… Continue reading

Graham Browne 1 week refurbishment.

Due to the flood we experienced last year the shop will be shut for refurbishment from Friday 1st April to Monday the 11th April.  Our phone line will be diverted to us for any… Continue reading

Campaign for wool week

As mentioned in the pervious post, yesterday was the day Savile row was transformed in aid of Wool week. It was a great day ( apart from the weather ) and all the… Continue reading

Sheep on the row 2015

On Monday 5th October Savile Row will be transformed into a green pasture with merino sheep roaming the street for the beginning of woolweek. 25 bespoke tailors have been chosen a paired with… Continue reading

Good wood revival 2015

It’s always nice to do something slightly different then our normal City suits. Here is a 3 piece suit made for one of our clients to be worn at the Goodwood revival weekend.… Continue reading

Gordon of Sudan Tunic

We was asked to replicate the tunic worn by Gordon of Sudan. The gold is all hand embroidered and the lace on the sleeves all hand sewn. We are really happy with the… Continue reading

Photographers vest & next New York Trip

Just putting the finishing touches to this photography vest for one of our clients in New York. All the pockets are to specific sizes to hold certain lenses and has a breathable vent… Continue reading

Graham Browne Christmas Offer 29th-31st Dec

We are delighted to announce that once again we have some wonderful fabrics for our Christmas offer. We have a verity of options for you this year, firstly we have secured our very… Continue reading

End of the wedding season

As the wedding season draws to a close and we see the last few winter wedding suits out the door we thought we would share some pictures sent to us from some happy… Continue reading