Photographers vest & next New York Trip

Just putting the finishing touches to this photography vest for one of our clients in New York. All the pockets are to specific sizes to hold certain lenses and has a breathable vent… Continue reading

Graham Browne Christmas Offer 29th-31st Dec

We are delighted to announce that once again we have some wonderful fabrics for our Christmas offer. We have a verity of options for you this year, firstly we have secured our very… Continue reading

End of the wedding season

As the wedding season draws to a close and we see the last few winter wedding suits out the door we thought we would share some pictures sent to us from some happy… Continue reading

The Bing Crosby tuxedo

In 1951, the world famous American crooner Bing Crosby was denied entrance into a Canadian hotel because he and his friend were dressed completely in denim. Although the Hotel management eventually recognized Bing… Continue reading

The tweed run 2014

The tweed run is an annual bike ride that takes place through the streets of London. Starting at saville row the tweed wearing cyclist make a number of stops at iconic points for… Continue reading

GB pics

Just stumbled across a few pics we took of some garments we made in out Christmas sale. Rather then just drape the jackets over a plain dummies, we had our good friends at… Continue reading

Cerriti baby cashmere & flannels

Both jacket and trousers are from cerriti’s new luxury bunch. The jacket is 100% baby cashmere, the trousers flannel.

Interchangeable buttons

We was asked if it would be possible to make a jacket that could be transformed from a blazer to a sports jacket by being able to change the buttons. Occasionally we have… Continue reading

3 piece wedding suit

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Gertner, Lovely picture and happy to hear you was happy with your 3 piece.

3 piece shooting suit

Its always nice to receive pictures from our customers showing their garments in full glory. Over the next few posts we are going to show a few we’ve been sent. Here is a… Continue reading