Graham Browne Sale Pt 3

Due to the interest in our sale this year we are also now offering an extra pair of trousers or waistcoat free when ordering a 2 piece suit in all bunches. We don’t… Continue reading

Graham Browne SALE pt 2

After visiting W Bill today we can now add their Jacketing material to our sale. Amazingly it’s the first time I’ve ever been to their premises in Sackville Street ( just off Savile… Continue reading

Graham Browne SALE

Our winter sale this year will be on the 3 working days between Christmas and new years eve, the 27th, 28th and 31st December. We are really excited that we have pulled off… Continue reading

Velvet Jackets

When looking back through old pictures of style icons of their time they all seemed to have one thing in common, a velvet/smoking jacket. Oscar Wilde is one that springs to mind who… Continue reading

Islay Tweed Shooting Suit

As we are now in shooting season the shooting suits that have been completing over the last few months are getting their first outings. This 3 piece grey shooting suit is from Islay… Continue reading

Dashing Tweed Gallery

For those unaware of Dashing Tweed material it was originally designed for cycling in London by photographer Guy Hills and weaver and textile designer Kirsty McDougall, weaving yarns that glow in the dark… Continue reading

The 685th Lord Mayor’s Show

It’s amazingly the 685th Lord Mayor’s show this Saturday 10th November in London, it’s survived the black death and the blitz and is still going strong in the 21st century. As you may… Continue reading

An Original Bespoke Collar

The options are pretty much endless in terms of what you want when having something made, it’s not just fit and cloth for some, it also needs to be practical. When making this… Continue reading

Wedding suit

As you can imagine we do a lot of wedding suits and it’s always nice to get an email to say how well it went and that they we’re really happy with the… Continue reading

Caccioppoli combo

Here is more Caccioppoli soft tailoring as we’ve shown in previous posts but in the flesh, we try to snap as much as we can on the actual person rather then dummies to… Continue reading