Permenant Style Tweed

To those who are aware of the blog permanent style which I’m sure is pretty much all of you would also be aware that Simon Crompton designed his own Tweed for permanent style… Continue reading

Marling Evans Car Coat

Another good look in Marling Evans ‘pandora’s’ box has unearthed another gem, this time in the form of a car coat. Shorter then an overcoat with welt pockets and strap and button cuff… Continue reading

Donegal Overcoat

Another option for a coat, this is a single breasted fly front with a half raglan half set in sleeve in donagal. Again the choice of material makes it flexible for work and… Continue reading

Double breasted Alpaca coat.

For those who ordered their coats at the back end of the summer have seemed to have timed it right. I will post all different styles of coats going through just to help… Continue reading

The Workhorse suit

In pretty much all our posts the suits or jackets shown are newly made garments freshly completed waiting for their owner to come and collect them so whist commuting in this morning I… Continue reading

Viceroy wool cashmere flannels by Holland and Sherry

Winter is here, the crisp mornings are now upon us, it’s time to hang our lovely 9oz summer suits in the wardrobe and reach for our flannels. I’ve mentioned before the different options… Continue reading

New hartwist

The shooting season is here and the most popular tweed for shooting have just updated their range. Porter & Harding have the tweed market pretty much covered from 11 oz around town weight… Continue reading

New Caccioppoli range part 3

New Caccioppoli flannel and super 130’s range.

New Caccioppoli range part 2

New Caccioppoli cotton colours.

New Caccioppoli range part 1

Today we had a pleasant surprise, 3 new Caccioppoli bunches arrived unannounced. A new jacketing bunch, a cottons and velvets and a super 130″s and flannels suitings. As you may have seen in… Continue reading