Double pick-stitch

A double pick-stitched ( or edge stitched ) jacket is something that only seems to be requested from time to time so we thought it would be worth a look. Double stitched around… Continue reading

Press Shots

It’s nice to have some high res pictures for a change rather then using an iPhone, now we are getting on top of the blog a little more I will start using my… Continue reading

The first festival dinner BTBA

Last week we attended the BTBA (bespoke tailors benevolent association) first festival dinner, a charity that is designed to look after those in the trade who fall on hard times. Geoff Wheeler, head… Continue reading

Cardigan style jacket

Made in holland & sherry’s Sherry tweed with the edges in fawn flannel this is what we can only describe as a cardigan jacket. It was based off of a vintage item of… Continue reading

New York Trip 15/16 Feb

We will be visiting New York on 15th & 16th February, Richard will be taking appointments for Friday at Gladson’s showroom which is located in the crown building on the crossroads of fashion,… Continue reading

Cerriti baby cashmere jacket

As promised in our previous post, here is the Cerriti baby cashmere made up. We were not surprised that for a cashmere it actually drapes really well as we could feel the substance… Continue reading


Occasionally when we get an enquire for a suit we are ask the question “do your suits have hand buttonholes?” but surprisingly we don’t get asked the kind of quality. Hand buttonholes do… Continue reading

Cloth by Cerruti

Mainly associated as a fashion house that has made their name from sportswear, leather goods and fragrances most are not aware that they also weave and design their own fabrics for the Italian… Continue reading

Neopolitan style tailoring

Neopolitan style tailoring seems to be getting more and more popular by the day, with a lot of orders we took over our sale period to be constructed this way. We have always… Continue reading

Norfolk Jackets

Originally designed for shooting and later used for other sports including golf, the Norfolk jacket was the fashionable sport attire of its time. There are different variations of a Norfolk jacket now, some… Continue reading